Meet Stefano Riznyk- Your Relationship Negotiator

This may be the first time you learned about Steven Riznyk. However, amongst political figures, movie producers, CEOs and federal agents, he is known as the negotiator who gets the job done.

In summary, Stefano (or Steven, as he is known to some friends) is called a lawyer by profession, but has a Bachelors in biochemistry and experimental genetics and studied Strategic Management at Harvard University. This education, combined with his 32 years of dealing with thousands of tough scenarios in his legal career has made him the negotiator he is today. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that provided him this skill, but he calls it a soup, a combination of education and life experiences.

He runs a law firm in both San Diego and Los Angeles (he lived there for 13 years), where he meets with various people presenting him with challenges that require creativity, strategy, and innovation. In fact, the firm trademarked “If We Can’t Win Your Case It Probably Can’t be Won”. The team solidly believes it and goes head to head with many large law firms, and prevails in the most complex of cases time and time again. This is not due to legal skills alone; it is the power of high-level negotiations.

He has been involved in resolving countless numbers of domestic partner issues and has asked many probing questions to understand both sides; this has made his knowledge-base rich.

The art of high-level negotiation examines a person’s mind; it seeks to reveal how a person thinks, and to understand what is important to that person. Once you know a person’s priorities, you have unlocked one of the great secrets of that person’s mind. Almost anything is capable of negotiating. Nothing in this world is 100% except one thing, but if you can understand your rival, which, admittedly is not always easy, you can accomplish your goals in a true win-win fashion. Many of Mr. Riznyk’s clients have rekindled their relationships after the negotiations were concluded. These secrets are now available to you in order to help you understand your partner and improve the value of your relationship, and therefore your life.

A lot of who a person is reveals itself in a person’s off-time activities. Stefano enjoys sports, travel, cooking, film making, and of course, dogs. He spent 13 years playing equestrian polo and most recently spent time with acro dance. He spent a year living in Rome a few years ago, and learned a lot more about similarities of people, as well as their cultural differences, and important aspect of negotiations, not to mention cooking.

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Stefano Riznyk is one of the most devoted dog lovers you will ever encounter. This company was created in order to help abused and abandoned dogs; is meant to enrich ‘them’ not him. Mr. RIznyk’s law firm runs a non-profit (501c3) in order to support veterinary bills for dogs who have no one to take care of them.

Mr. Riznyk opened two companies to support dogs: a tie and mask company called Antonio Stefano ( and this one. He will be devoting a lot of the initial profits to building both firms up and then as the firms grow, the money will go to the non-profit in order to help more dogs. At this time, his law firm is underwriting all of the costs of running the companies and administering them, so apart from the costs of advertising and supplies, 100% of the money available goes to the animals.

Please consider rescue dogs when you acquire your lifelong friend. Also, we urge you to consider getting two dogs. You experienced what it is like to be home all day long alone during COVID-19; don’t do that to your dog, get him or her a friend. Be empathetic towards the plight of dogs; there is not enough empathy to go around; many people take out all of their frustrations on the animals and conduct horrible acts. You may think that you are rescuing the dog but many people have also echoed the sentiment, asking “Who Rescued Who?”