Relationships 901...One Week To A Happy Relationship

  • Are you in a relationship that makes you anxious?
  • Have you thought about breaking up/divorcing?
  • Do you often fight with your spouse/lover?
  • Are you remaining in a relationship only for the children?
  • Do you feel you and your spouse/lover speak different languages?
  • Are you afraid of losing your partner?
  • Do you feel alone and abandoned?
  • Has your spouse/lover said something that caused you to close off?
  • Has your spouse/lover cheated on you?
  • Is your spouse/lover an alcoholic?

If any of the above apply to you, then you have arrived at the right place for you to find the answers you have been looking for.  Relationships 901 provides you with the understanding and the tools that regrettably schools don’t teach. These are the most important tools you will ever have in your toolkit – the tools of understanding people and being able to overcome difficult and seemingly impossible impasses.


Unique Program

Unlike anything on the market, this program is based on principles of high-level negotiation… Read more… We know you don’t have time. Our solutions normally work in a weeks’ time. However, you first need to watch the program and understand the principles. We recommend watching it twice as it is packed with a lot of information; keep a notebook handy and take notes of what resonates with you.


Real-Life Case Studies

Relationships 901 is more than “talking heads”; ie people who simply talk on and on lecturing you…  Read more… Our program walks you through the solutions with real-life sequences, ‘before and after’ methods of dealing with challenges. The fastest way to learn is to watch someone do it, and we offer you just that with plenty of improv scenes to guide you.


Expert Coach

Stefano Riznyk is known amongst his clients as the negotiator who gets the job done. He also knows…Read more… that if he does not make a program interesting, he will lose his audience. Relationships 901 is a fun, entertaining way of learning what might be some of the most useful information you have ever learned in your life. You will always have to deal with people. These principles are principles of human nature that can be extended to school, work, career, sales, and many other aspects of life that are unavoidable.

Why 901 ?

Why Is It Called 901? We get asked this all of the time… so here you go…



Life isn’t easy, at least not for most people; it takes a lot of work on multiple levels in order to craft a life you love. It takes work. Even if you are independently wealthy, life still can challenge you. Nothing hits home closer than relationship challenges, that is where Relationships 901 comes in. R901 is a vital part of your toolbox or methods of dealing with challenging situations, and every relationship has them.

Freud defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Regrettably, most people simply ‘hope’ things get better; they are too lazy to put any effort into one of the most important aspects of their life; as a result, they often become or remain single. In our opinion, your personal relationship dynamics should be one of the top 5 priorities of your life. No different than bringing money to your house in order to fiscally survive, your relationship requires work and effort. Problems rarely disappear on their own.

The good news is that the answers are here. You can no longer tell your friends  ‘you don’t know what to do anymore’; Relationships 901 offers you many diverse solutions for many of the problems that most of you are enduring. The persons close to your heart is very important to you. It took a lot to meet that right person…now keep her or him. Karen Gibbs stated, “Take every chance you get in life…because some things only happen once”. She is so right. You met that right person; you may never meet another person you resonate with as well. Have you met many of the people out there who broke up, only to try getting back together with same person again? Often, the other person states it’s too late. Too many wrong things were said or done. R901 provides you the tools so your problems don’t get that far. Do you know of people who ended up on a dating spree, never to find the right person again? Don’t be that person.

  1. A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.  Ludwig Wittgenstein
  2. You can’t imagine the life you’re denying yourself. Take every chance you get in life … because some things only happen once!” Karen Gibbs
  3. You don’t have to say everything you think. Author unknown.
  4. The world’s not fair. Sometimes you get the short end of the stick. If you don’t do something personally to fix it, That’s all you’re ever going to get. Author unknown
  5. A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve. Joseph Joubert
  6. You cannot consistently perform in a manner inconsistent with how you see yourself. Zig Ziglar
  7. If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional…wait until you hire an amateur! Red Adair.

Unmatched Experience

Mr Riznyk took an early interest in relationship issues and began studying them at the age of 18. He ended up becoming a trial lawyer quite by accident (long story) but, as he specializes in complex problems, it has only exponentially enhanced his understanding of human nature. Now, he trains lawyers nationwide in high-level negotiation skills. You can read more about him in the tab called meet Stefano up top. He is constantly and consistently learning more and more. Additionally, as his firm has a department that deals in immigration for foreign CEO investors, he has learned a lot about both the differences and more importantly, the similarity amongst people from different cultures; his clients span 54 countries.

Relationships 901 is the culmination of literally a lifetime of studying the human condition and human relationships. There is no other program of this type out on the market today.  Mr Riznyk shares the many secrets that professionals use and some that they are not even aware of. This is not another ‘repackaged’ form of all the pop-psych you see everywhere; this is the real weaponry in the battle against defeat.  He believes a relationship is one of the most important and yet also fulfilling aspects of someone’s life. You probably do too. Treat it as such and learn everything you need to know; you have only one life, and now, with COVID, you don’t know how long even that will last.

We all make mistakes, we do, and so do our partners. If you have ever been in a near-death experience or lost a loved one you will understand how much it hurts you to be the one who made those mistakes. COVID has changed our world forever. We no longer have no control over our last day or our mates. If nothing, it showed us how much we took for granted. One thing Stefano does not believe in taking any soul (human or animal) for granted. Moreover, your mate is an extension of your life-learning experience; an invaluable asset in your journey.

This program does not intend to replace other longer methods of treatment such as therapy. Different modalities work for different people. Relationships 901 is meant to be the fastest method possible of ending damage and beginning the repair process; nothing can be faster than effective negotiation.

The best way to understand the purpose of Relationships 901 is to think of a ship out at sea that encountered cracks in the hull and is now taking on water. If it remains at sea, it will eventually sink. Relationships 901 has a unique method of patching those cracks and getting it back to shore so that it can be repaired. For some ships, the repairs will prove permanent. For others, the repairs will be a lifesaver. There will always be a small percentage of ships for which the repairs either came too late or the damage is of the type that cannot be repaired. However, whatever the outcome, the worst thing that could have happened is that the captain had nothing on board to repair such problems when they arise. You are the captain of your life. The problem is that you don’t have an owner’s manual for the human mind. It is here and does not cost a lot. You will find the information useful for every area of your life in which other people are involved.


Stefano is a skilled negotiator and mediator with over 32 years of hands-on experience in problem resolution. From undoing kidnappings and extortion (with no money changing hands) for political figures and film producers and actors to the international kidnapping of a federal agent’s son, not to mention the many company mergers, sellouts, and domestic family issues, he has dealt many times over with what you are dealing with for the first time.

Learn at Your Pace

Sessions are divided into bite-size segments. Take your time learning and go over the material as often as you need.

Rapid Results

Unlike traditional therapy1, 901 tools can provide positive results almost instantly.  You can have life-changing results in a matter of a week2. First, however, go over all of the materials and then go over the sections that affect your life twice, so you know them. Once you understand the concepts, you will find it surprisingly easy to make the sections of the program work for you. Once you understand the ‘why’, how will come naturally.

More Opportunities

901 participants have the opportunity of exclusive telephonic consultations with Stefano at reduced rates3. The reason they are reduced for those who watched the program is that you will both be speaking the same language.  He does not believe in meetings in which he is simply a listener, Stefano is extremely results-oriented and wants to make every meeting make a significant difference to your life.

Relationships 901 Topics

The Relationships 901 Program touches upon every aspect of a relationship: from your first meeting to a fulfilling and lasting relationship.  Not all relationships are meant to me – the 901 program will teach you how to determine whether your relationship is  worth saving.


How The Program Works

1. Six Hours of Information. Our program is full of useful information on how to navigate the tricky and changing topic of relationships. The concepts can be implemented immediately with rewarding results; you will witness results the same day and within a week in most cases.
2. Twenty-Minute Segments. Our instructional material is separated by topic into easy to digest 20-minute sessions. Watch them in order or based on your most pressing needs. Mix and match segments to resolve relationship challenges.  Strategies work across many types of relationships.
3. Improv and Role Playing. Improv scenes with 20 people showing you real-life situations people face today, and how to instantly resolve them. Role playing is an effective strategy to visualize and learn.
4. Affordable Program with Proven Results. This program is a $295 program. During the COVID crisis we are offering it for $99. More and more people are getting separated and divorced now than in a long time. We know you are spending more time together than ever before and the strains can be unbearable. Problems that were hidden under the rug are now emerging. We want you to have the tools to deal with them. When you go through a difficult time it will either separate you or bring you closer: we want to help you make it a time that brings you closer.
5. Members-Only Newsletter & Podcast. Relationships 901 includes a free, insider-only newsletter with more valuable information and resources. In the near future, we will launch a podcast and online conferences available only to Members of Relationships 901 Program (prices vary but start at only $10).

1. Six Hours of Information


2. Twenty Minute Segments


3. Improv and Role Playing


4. Affordable Program with Proven Results


5. Members-Only Newsletter & Podcast

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1 We are not against therapy. It is useful for many people in different circumstances. However, many relationships end up in a point of no return and by then it will be too late for therapy.
2 Results will vary depending on many factors
3 Private telephonic consultations with Stefano Riznyk are at a reduced rate of $425 per hour (normally $550).