How to Keep the Intimacy Factor of Your Relationship High

Have you ever felt that you have lost interest in your partner, or things have just changed? On an outlook everything remains the same, she is still beautiful, he is still good looking, you are still in the same jobs, the same house, visit the same friends, but still something has just changed. Something is missing, something unsaid, something unnoticed, that something is intimacy.

With intimacy, we don’t mean sex. At a deeper level, it is about compassion and understanding. Saying that, emotional intimacy definitely needs physical intimacy for survival. Today, many couples chose to separate or even worse, stay unhappy because that magic in the relationship has faded away. But we would not let your relationship feel the burn of this dearth.

Here are a few ways to always keep the intimacy factor of your relationship high:

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

It is true that you cannot love someone completely if you do not love yourself. Learn to take out time for yourself and enjoy that “me-time”. Sometimes just the frenzy of always being with and around your partner ruins things. Give them their space and do not fear to spend some time alone.

Explore New Things Together

Explore New Things

To keep the relationship away from being mundane, it is important to indulge in new and exciting activities with your partner. It could be joining a salsa class or going on an offbeat vacation. By exploring new things together, you will not only make new memories, but this will strengthen the bond of intimacy between you and your partner.


Listen to Each Other

To keep the intimacy alive in a relationship, it is very important to be able to talk freely with your partner. Keeping secrets is a big no-no in a relationship. Whether he doesn’t like your colleagues, or you don’t like his mom, just say it all. It will definitely hurt initially, but being honest is what a good relationship demands. Remember, listening to your partner’s perspectives and thoughts will help you understand them better.

Be Gratified

Be Grateful

You have to be grateful towards your partner for being there for you. Thank them for the little things they do for you. Whether it is making the breakfast or buying you a dress, making the bed, or cleaning the dishes. In relationships, you do not take each other for granted, but rather appreciate each other’s contribution.

Have Good Sex

Have Good Sex

Yes! Of course! Duh! What you do in your bedroom is what you reflect in your living room. Never let the fire of physical intimacy extinguish. We cannot carry the load of a physically unsatisfactory relationship, nobody can. So, keep trying new things with your partner in bed. It could be anything like new position or a role-play, or just looking in the eyes of your partner and complimenting them on something in the middle of an intercourse will seal the deal.

So these are our tips to make your love story a happily ever after.

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  1. amazingly written blog. loved it. will definitely keep these points in mind. :)