1. Is there a refund policy?

Absolutely. If you purchase our program and don’t find that it teaches you valuable skills that can increase the quality of your life, contact us within 14 days of purchase and we will provide you with a 100% refund.

2. How do I cancel my account?

Once you have purchased the program you have full access to watch it as often as you like for up to one year. However, if you wish to cancel it for any reason, simply email us at Sales@Relationships901.com

3. How does the program work?

The program is almost 6 hours long. There are both improvisational scenes (to keep you entertained and to help people who learn visually) and informational segments. We broke it down into 20-minute segments so that you could watch them during your lunch break. Don’t try to watch the program all at once as there is just too much information to digest. Twenty minutes a day is all you need. You have a full year of access so you can watch the segments that interest you.

4. Can I watch this on any streaming device?

Yes, you can watch this on any device you like.

5. Who can benefit from this program?

Relationships 901 Is for both people in relationships and those who are single. For those who are single, they can learn about the many traits of a person so that they can pick up on habits of people that do not work for them ‘before’ they end up too deep in a relationship, or worse, living together or a marriage.

For those in a relationship, it is meant to create a solution in one week. This solution will not change the ‘other’ person. Sometimes counseling and therapy are very important. However, they take a long time to implement and become effective; many relationships cannot sustain that time requirement. Why? Because one person does or says something that takes the relationship past the point of no return. The bell cannot be unrung.
Our goal is to prevent that from happening.

This program is all about the mechanisms of human relationships. Although it is primarily meant to cover romantic (as contrasted to work) relationships, what you will find is that similar behaviors cross a number thresholds and are very similar. Our program is all about he human brain and how it operates when you remove all of the layers of “everything else’ such as cultural or age/educational differences, etc. In summary, although it is meant for people who are in or are seeking relationships, the information you will learn will be useful in your entire life.

6. What if I’m not in a relationship?

Fantastic. You will appreciate what you learn. Finally, you will triple or quadruple your knowledge of human behavior. You will be able to, in a minute or two, observe your potential mate and mentally x-ray them. You will know for once if you are willing to put up with who this person is, or whether he or she is toxic for you. You will be able to separate your chemical (sexual) attraction from who this person really is.

If you truly understood people very well, you would not be in a position of vulnerability where you could get hurt. The more you know about people, the more you will be able to recognize problem situations before you lay your heart on the table.

7. Does it work for same sex couples?

Absolutely. People are people and they have their issues. The issues that we cover are universal, they are not about a person’s sexual preferences, they are about their humanity.

8. Is there a guarantee this will work?

We cannot guarantee it will work in your particular circumstance, for a number of reasons, discussed below. However, we can guarantee that you will learn a lot more than you know today and from a number of different perspectives that will make your life both happier and richer, because there are only a few things more stressful than waking up to a person with whom you are suffering emotional problems.

The reasons we cannot guarantee are really two-fold:

A. We had to conduct a lot of work to keep this program down to 6 hours. We cover 44 topics but there were many more we wanted to cover, however to cover all the possibilities for everyone in every country is not possible. What we did, however, was cover the ones we hear about the most and have had to deal with the most, as they would be the most common. Believe us, if there was a market for it, we would create a 40-hour program as there is so much more we would like to cover. However, if you can double or triple your knowledge base, it will increase the quality of your romantic life exponentially ,just watch.

B. The second reason is that we know human nature. Not all of you will listen to the entire program before you once again step into the minefield called the dating world. Some of you will multitask while listening. Some of you will skip sections that you may not think are important to your life but later discover the next person you met had that exact problem you skipped over!

The good news is that you do have 14 days to check it out. If you do not feel it is for you or that you can benefit from all of the information we provide, we will refund all of your money with no questions asked.

9. Can I get my money back?

Yes, as mentioned above, take 2 weeks to enjoy our program and learn from it. If you feel for any reason it will not increase your knowledgebase and increase the value of your personal life, just contact us at Sales@Relationships901.com and we will issue you a full refund.

10. How long is a subscription good for?

We did not want to be like many other films and programs that allow you to watch them once and then charge you again for a second viewing. We offer you a full year to watch the program as often as you like, learn from it, and enjoy it. Watch it as many times as you like, in fact, we encourage it as we want you to internalize the information and learn.

11. Does my subscription get automatically renewed?

Absolutely not. Once you have paid for it, we do not keep your credit card information.

12. How do I cancel my account?

As mentioned above, simply write a letter to Sales@Relationships901.com with your log in and password; we will promptly refund your credit card. It will show up online in about 3-5 days if you cancel on a weekday; we do not work on weekends.

13. Can I download the program?

No, the program cannot be downloaded.