Relationships 901

Relationship building techniques through negotiation. Improve your dating life whether your single, married or in a relationship

You’ll Learn Things Like

  • Easily understand what makes dating & relationships work
  • Quickly resolve relationship issues
  • Find the spark again
  • Spot toxic personalities before you get involved
  • Create a Happier and healthier relationship with your partner
  • Flirt and date with confidence
  • Solve problems easily & quickly before they escalate


high-level Negotiatior Steven Riznyk


Steven Riznyk is a trained negotiator, specializing in high-level problems, which involve multiple layers of human belief systems and behaviors that shape out comes of people’s choices.
Where as anybody can negotiate a price of something, for example, Mr. Riznyk’s background and training enable him to work with paradigm shifts and changes in behavior, that lead to outcomes that were either rejected at the on set or not creatively predicted by the parties. In other words, he can interact with an opponent’s thinking mechanisms in order to shape an outcome, where all parties truly benefit by the results.

what people say about us

“Relationships 901 gave me step-by-step guidance on how to grow my romantic relationship into something much more meaningful.”

Laura Stanford


“Great information and insight. The program helped me and my partner grow in our relationship as well as help us solve
some of the issues that we had. The best part was that it allowed us to put the finger on the problems so that we could start fixing them.”

John Nolan


"Once I started I couldn't stop watching... this is awesome information. My boyfriend and I have never been happier.
Thanks for getting my life back..."

Sarah Gardner


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  • Easily understand the keys to dating & relationships
  • Quickly resolve relationship issues
  • Spot toxic personalities before you get involved
  • Create happier and healthier relationships
  • Flirt and date with confidence