Welcome to the most powerful relationship advice you will ever find for your relationship problems. This is not like any other relationship advice out on the market….our relationship advice solutions works in a week or less. Written by a team of high-level negotiators who have worked on hundreds of relationship dispute issues, not to mention international kidnappings, extortion, career destruction, and other high-level problems. Watch 10 couples demonstrate issues that couples face, followed by a replacement of one of the persons demonstrating a different approach and then an explanation of what just happened and how to deal with the issues more effectively.


In addition, you will have hours of information covering a plethora of issues you are facing in your relationship and how to resolve them. Written by San Diego Biz Law, a 25-year old business law firm that has been involved in many high-level negotiations that other lawyers gave up on,  Relationships 901 can change your life as you know it. Based on SanDiegoBizLaw’s philosophy of “Getting the Job Done”, they deal in situations where the rubber meets the road and time is limited. This same philosophy will walk you through your toughest relationship problems in a way that you can easily understand.

Relationships 901 is real-world advice to some of the most difficult challenges relationships are facing today. 5.5 hours of high-level relationship advice in this powerful one-of-a-kind package…all of this for only $29.95! (read the SECRET at the end of the page)

This program is for:

People in a relationship
Persons living together
Married couples…and best of all
so they can understand potential mates before making mistakes that can last a lifetime and change the course of their future.

This program was almost 3 years in the making and written by Steven

If you are in a relationship, this 5 ½ hour program will show you how to solve your current problems with your mate…in a week or less. Our relationship advice explains everything from drugs and alcohol abuse issues to couples whose relationship is stale, emptied of intimacy, or where the sex is missing.

If you are not in a relationship, watch the 10 couples in this program that will demonstrate real-life scenarios that are later analyzed by the author—they will help you understand the people you meet so you don’t end up dating someone who will hurt you.

The problem with most relationship advice programs is they deal with psychological issues that may take months or years to resolve. As a high-level negotiator, Steven Riznyk deals with issues where “the rubber meets the road” and there is not much time for resolution. He has resolved extortion, blackmail, career destruction, 9-figure business disputes and hundreds of relationship issues in a week or less. In his business, time is of the essence and the problem has to be resolved ASAP. Period. No exceptions. Based on his 24 years of experience in the field, he has produced this powerful first-of-its-kind program that will get you where you need to be in a week or less….yes, really.

When you are in a relationship and communication is breaking down, what you often don’t realize is that little things you do are interpreted by the other person through their mindset of feeling resentment. We all speak through our own filters and people listen through theirs. If you do not deal with the issues RIGHT AWAY you may get past the point of no return and 10 years of therapy won’t help. You need to address the issue as soon as it emerges. Understand the issues. We show you with 10 scenes from real-life situations and plenty of supporting information so you can resolve this yourself. (Read below for more details).


First of all, part of the problem with therapy is that you only have a half or one hour a week….by the time you get to the resolution, so much bad blood can pass between the two of you that you are both past the point of no return.

Second, you don’t have a year. If you keep going down this negative path, the easiest point of escape is for your partner to find a replacement.

We know you don’t have time….we get the job done in a week or less…you deal with your reality every day and we put an end to the pain now. Call us now at 858-242-5655 and order Relationships 901 today so you can experience for yourself what rapid change is all about.


If you don’t find Relationships 901 to be a practical and helpful filled with a lot of great relationship advice, you get your money back; it’s that simple.


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